Working through the holidays

This recent stretch of public holidays is just wonderful. It is not often you get 4 days off in a row, but hey this is Malaysia!  But we have been very busy in the last few days. So what were we busy with? Our new website. We have not got a website proper since the day our company was setup. It has been over 1 year, we have been relying on our Facebook pages as our online shop front, albeit a simple one. Our domain name actually points to our Facebook page, which as garnered more than 1,000 LIKES.

A BIG thank you for all your support.

This is a glimpse of what we have been working on and it will be launched quite soon, along with our grading service. The new site also support Apple iOS and Android devices, so you can view them on your iPhone, iPad, iPod as well as your Samsung Galaxy S4, Tabs and Notes.

Oh! Did we say GRADING ? Now that is an interesting topic, controversial even.

We'll save that for another day, another blog.

So here's a snapshot, or two.  Let us know what you think.

alphaNumis Banknote Coins Stamps

alphaNumis Banknote Coins Stamps

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