Paper Money & Banknote Errors

The error coin collecting space is a well established one, with many leading Malaysian and overseas numismatist specializing in identifying, classifying and dealing with error coins. There are many books published in this area as well, a sign of the maturity of this subject matter.

However, the same can't be said about collecting error banknotes. I have not encountered many collectors in this space - perhaps some of you readers out there can introduce me to these collectors! Books on errors notes are also hard to find. I have been very interested in this area - a cross over from studying die variety and error coins for my Diploma in Numismatics.

I do hope to develop this area further by researching and interviewing fellow collectors, as well as sharing what I have discovered here in Numismatica. My plan is to publish several blog articles in the definition and classification of types of errors and varieties of error notes. Of course, I do welcome suggestions on other topics to cover.

So if anyone of you out there who are into collecting error notes, do contact me at

Thank you!