Top 10 Questions about alphaNumis Banknote Grading Service

We have received quite a number of calls and emails recently on how to submit banknotes to alphaNumis to grade and encapsulate. We think it will be better if we explain the process in a bit more detail, in the form of a Q&A in our blog so that you can get a better picture how it's done.

alphaNumis Graded Banknote - Mauritius 10 Rupees 1967
Figure 1 : alphaNumis Graded banknote

Q1 : How much does it cost ?
A : The cost of grading one piece is RM35 (US$11), regardless of the market value of banknote. We grade Malaysia and world banknotes. 

Q2: Do you give discounts if I send more to grade?
A : Our price is fixed at RM35 (US$11) a piece, regardless of how many you send.

Q3 : When and how do I pay for the service?
A : You pay only AFTER we finish grading your banknotes. We will invoice you once we complete the grading. You can pay via direct bank transfer or TT or PayPal.

Q4: How long does it take to complete?
A : The process takes 2 WEEKS from the day we receive the batch of banknotes. That is our standard process turn around time. Each batch can have up to 20 pieces of banknotes.

Q5: Why does it take so long?
A : We have strict quality control procedures to ensure the work is done properly and to minimize errors. For example, your banknote will be reviewed AT LEAST 2 times before the final grade is given. Most importantly, the banknotes are review at different times to ensure a more balanced evaluation.

Q6 : Who will be doing the grading?
A : The grading is performed by our in-house qualified numismatist, he currently holds a Diploma in Numismatics (USA), a course which takes up to 2 years to complete. He also holds a Masters degree in business administration from one of the top universities in the UK.

Q7 : How do I submit my banknotes? 
A : To ensure customer satisfaction, we have a standard procedure for the submission. Please fill in the Grading Submission Request form at our web site. Once the form is submitted, we will send you an official "Grading Submission Form" in 24 hours. This is a receipt and record for your submission. You will need to print and sign off the form and then send your banknotes to the address that we will provide you via registered mail / courier service. That will be PosLaju in Malaysia or you can also use FedEx or other international couriers.

alphaNumis Grading Submission Form
Figure 2 : alphaNumis Grading Submission Form (English and Chinese)

Q8 : What happens after I send the banknotes to you?
A : Send us the PosLaju or courier tracking number. We will inform you when we receive the banknotes and we will track its progress until its completion in 2 week's time.

Q9 : How will I know when the grading is finished? 
A : We will email you a Grading Completion Report, in it we will list all the banknotes you have submitted and what is the grade it has received. We will also invoice you at the same time and send you the payment instructions. 

Q10 : How to I get my notes back from alphaNumis ?
A : We will send it back to you via the courier of your choice, to the address stated in your submission form.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at

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