Re-grading aN Graded Notes at PMG

It's bound to happen. It is only a matter of time.

Late last year, a collector acquired 2 pieces of banknotes graded by alphaNumis decided to cut them out from the plastic slab and send it to PMG for grading, just to compare our grading skills/competency, which in our honest opinion, is a good thing. As consumers, people have every right to compare products and services. As a service provider, it's good feedback and opportunity to learn and improve.

Malaya 1 Dollar 1941 Graded by alphaNumis & PMG
Fig 1. PMG graded this piece at 55, same as aN grading. (Photos from Straits Settlements Shop)
The notes in question are Malaya 1 dollar from 1941, with King George VI. They were graded AU55 and EF40 respectively by alphaNumis. The result of the grading came back earlier this year and below are the photos posted by the collector, Andrew Chan, at his blogsite. You can read this piece on the grading here.

"SP Banknotes & Coin Fair 2015" in Penang

Most Malaysian and Singaporean collectors are familiar with banknotes and coin fairs held quarterly in Malacca and Johor (Batu Pahat, Danga Bay) for the past several years. The fairs are a good place for enthusiast, dealers and the general public to come together to buy/sell and exchange ideas and get the latest information on market prices of these collectibles. However, there has not been any such activity at the north of the peninsular for the past few years and that was what prompted Bert Chang to organize one in the Straits Settlements' island of Penang.

Coin Fair in Penang April 2015
Fig 1. Event banner

Now if you are an avid Facebook user and do all your hunting and socializing on the most popular social media platform on this planet, then you would have at least encountered the "SP 钱币发烧友" Facebook group (Translation : "SP Banknote & Coin Enthusiast"). The SP stands for Sungai Petani, a town in the northern state of Kedah. This is an active group of 15,340 members from all over Malaysia (as of 29 April 2015) with many daily postings for stuff for sale and enquiries from group members. Bert Chang is the organizer of this community since 2013 and this the very first time a pure numismatic event was organized in Penang in recent years. This 2 day event (25 & 26 April) was held in Menara Komtar, the tallest building in Penang.

Highlights of the 2015 Singapore International Coin Fair

Singapore Coin Fair 2015
For the numismatist and collector residing in the South East Asian region, the annual Singapore International Coin Fair (SICF) is not just another show to attend, it's PILGRIMAGE ! Held at the prestigious Sands Expo & Convention Center for the past several years, this is by far the biggest numismatic event in this region. In the 2014 event, there were more than 10,000 visitors.

This year however, the attendance was noticeably lower, primarily because of the passing of Singapore's founding father, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew earlier in that same week; on 23 March. So the event was understandably subdued as the nation mourned the passing of one of the greatest leader the world has ever seen. A man who took Singapore from a third world country to a developed nation in just one generation, a feat that has never been done before and will probably never be equaled. Singapore is where it is today because of Mr. Lee. Rest in peace Mr. Lee !