An Introduction to the Traditional Coins of the Malay Realm

An Introduction of the Traditional Coins of the Malay RealmIt is not everyday that one comes across a person who is truly passionate about what he does. Passionate people are usually the enthusiastic, driven types and it is this drive that lead them to learn more and subsequently become very knowledgeable in their area of expertise. Passionate people are contagions people, as in they are ever willing to share what they know and come to love, it even rubs off on you!

Now if there is such a thing as the "MOST passionate person in the area of Malay Sultanate coins", it will to be none other than Dr. Ibrahim Bakar. This is an avid collector of regional ancient coins for more than 30 years. Job wise - he is a fully qualified medical practitioner with a private practice in the northern state of Kedah, Malaysia.

For most of us who collect modern coins, these ancient pieces of gold, silver and tin are somewhat foreign or even mystical, primarily because of the ancient Arabic inscriptions which we are not quite familiar with. While there has been some growth in the collecting community for such items for the last 10 years but it has not hit the mainstream yet. The lack of awareness, better research and publications that promote the understanding of the general public in this area is seen as the main culprit .... and this book represents a major step forward in the right direction.