Spink Book Launch : Commemorating The Frank Goon Collection of Banknotes of British Malaya

For someone staying in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, it is a 5 hour road trip from here to the southern tip of the peninsular, Singapore. But is was well worth it, when one's goal is to get a much anticipated and perhaps this years' most important and significant book on numismatics - the 2nd edition of "Frank Goon Collection of Banknotes of British Malaya" published by Spink & Sons.

Spink Book - Frank Goon Collection of Banknotes of British Malaya
Image courtesy of Spink & Sons

This large format volume is no ordinary book. The book itself weighs in at close to 3kgs, contains 485 pages in full color, 28cm wide x 28cm high and 3.5cm thick. Most importantly, it contains high resolution photos of Mr. Frank Goon's personal collection of rare banknotes of the British Malaya, meticulously accumulated over the last 30 years. Incidentally, Mr. Frank Goon is the CEO/Managing Director of one the companies under the Kuok Group, which is owned by Mr. Robert Kuok, the richest man in South East Asia since 2002, with a net worth of more than US$10.5 billion.

The collection covers a wide time period of the colonial rule of the peninsular and its surrounding territories; from the era of the Straits Settlements to pre-war King George VI to the post-war Queen Elizabeth prints. That's from 1826 onwards.

SPINK Auction of Banknotes, Bonds & Shares, Coins and Medals of SEA 16 Aug 2015 : PART 2

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The result of the analysis is in!

Below is the list of 9 banknote categories of interest and their performance. The data displayed below is summarized from Spink's official realized prices and the catalog estimate prices, WITHOUT BP & GST. We took the maximum value of the estimate prices and set it as a basis of comparison against the realized prices. These 9 categories' has 339 lots (55%) and their realized prices adds up to SGD1.216 million of the SGD1.924 million total (excluding BP & GST) for the auction, that's 63.2%.  In addition, the overall sales performance for banknotes is above the overall auction average.

Spink Auction - Performance Summary Table
Table 1 : Auction performance for the 9 categories

SPINK Auction of Banknotes, Bonds & Shares, Coins and Medals of SEA 16 Aug 2015 : PART 1

Image Courtesy of Spink & Sons
Spink is back, to Singapore that is, after a 6 year hiatus. Their last auction here was way back on 4 July 2009. Reason? They couldn't find enough good materials. According to Barnaby Faull, Director of Banknotes at Spink, there are many collectors with good stuff in this region but the trouble is, no one feels like selling! It takes a lot of coaxing and persuading, which is what Spink is exceptionally good at, the contents of the auction catalog is evidence of Spink's competitive advantage and track record.

Six years is a long time to wait but the timing couldn't be better - it is held in conjunction with Singapore's 50th anniversary of independence, fondly referred to as SG50. The lion city had just celebrated it's 50th national day the week before on 8 August 2015, amidst much pomp and circumstance.

SPINK's Auction in Singapore is no different, in numismatic terms at least - the auction of "Banknotes, Bonds & Shares, Coins and Medals of South East Asia" at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center is the one of the biggest in terms of value in this region so far this year.