Highlights of the Singapore International Coin Fair 2016 (SICF2016)

It's the time of the year when collectors and numismatist in this region make their way to the annual Singapore Coin Fair. This is perhaps one of the biggest numismatic fairs here, so visitors from Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia will visit the fair to hunt for interesting items and catch up with friends and dealers.

As usual, I made my way down from Kuala Lumpur one day before the show starts to meet and catch up with friends. All in I spent 3 days there, going thru most of the booths and meeting a lot of familiar faces. There are a few new faces though, more on that later.

For this years' show, the overall attendance was slightly better than last year - no hard numbers but that's my personal observation of the crowd on the floor. If you'd recall the SICF 2015 coincided with the passing of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and there was a state funeral going on. Below are the photos I've taken around the floor in the 3 days I was there. Enjoy !
Fig 1. Registration counter at 7:45am Day 1.