Highlights of the Singapore International Coin Fair 2016 (SICF2016)

It's the time of the year when collectors and numismatist in this region make their way to the annual Singapore Coin Fair. This is perhaps one of the biggest numismatic fairs here, so visitors from Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia will visit the fair to hunt for interesting items and catch up with friends and dealers.

As usual, I made my way down from Kuala Lumpur one day before the show starts to meet and catch up with friends. All in I spent 3 days there, going thru most of the booths and meeting a lot of familiar faces. There are a few new faces though, more on that later.

For this years' show, the overall attendance was slightly better than last year - no hard numbers but that's my personal observation of the crowd on the floor. If you'd recall the SICF 2015 coincided with the passing of Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and there was a state funeral going on. Below are the photos I've taken around the floor in the 3 days I was there. Enjoy !
Fig 1. Registration counter at 7:45am Day 1. 

Fig 2. Larry and Shelly from the USA, they specialize in world banknotes.

Fig 3. Adam Biagi - the guy famous for his hoard of Malaya British Borneo coins. 
Fig 4. Brunei Monetary Authority booth, their first time here. Nice guys.

Fig 5. Meet Angel. Yes, that's his REAL name - Angel Fregoso Romero, all the way from Mexico ! 
Fig 6. Viva la France ! They are perhaps the most glamorous team on the floor. Their banknotes are .... magnifique
Fig 7. The usual suspects.
Fig 8. Someone acts like he hasn't eaten for a year. 
Fig 9. First time - PCGS On Site Grading. Photo taken at 8:00am Day One. You can get your notes graded in 24 hours for SGD25 only! I should have brought my banknotes. They plan to be here next year. 
Fig 10. Getting busy. 
Fig 11. My fellow countryman Mr. Govin, The guy is EVERYWHERE. You can find him in every show in this region. Salute! 
Fig 12. Now who do I talk to first?
Fig 13. France, 5000 Francs, P76 Obverse 1918, VF condition, EUR6,300.
Fig 14. France, 5000 Francs, P76 Reverse 1918. Perhaps the most beautiful banknote in the world.
Fig. 15 - Have you ever seen a copper trade dollar? 1895 trial piece, graded MS63, price US$80,000.  
Fig 16. An ancient Drachm, from the time of Alexander the Great, circa 300 BC, more than 2000 years ago.
Fig. 17 : Mitradates Tetradrachm, 117 BC. Nice relief and great details. 
Fig. 18 : Interesting service - banknote restoration!
Fig 19 : Banknote restoration service .... care to give it a try?
Fig 20. Saturday afternoon.


  1. Excellent job. Banknote Restoration? Very interesting.

    1. Thanks for your compliments. Yes, the banknote restoration booth is really quite interesting!

  2. Reading your comments and watching the pics make me want to visit the fair next year.
    Maybe the opportunity to meet other Numista members...

    1. Do let us know if you plan to come over, we can most certainly meet up and talk about numismatics!

    2. Yes both of the Eccles banknote dealers (John from Wellington and Peter from Auckland, New Zealand were there as usual. Business was good and, as usual, a most enjoyable weekend.

    3. Hello Peter. Thanks for your comment. Yes, I saw both of you there too. In fact I've bought some Japanese Invasion Money from John when I was there.

  3. Thanks for a terrific series of photos. Cannot find much yet around the net on the quality of business from the individual participants.

    1. Thank you IndoHound. I will be there again next year and maybe we can meet up?

  4. Thank you for sharing these information. Although I won' be able to come this even bu definitely I will be coming for the next event...

  5. Amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.