Highlights of the Hong Kong International Numismatic Fair (HKINF) 24-26 Jun 2016

I promised myself earlier this year to visit one of the coin fairs in Hong Kong. The main purpose of the visit is to observe and learn more about numismatics of the northern Asian region and of course to meet up with old friends and make new ones.

So why did I pick this one? Well the honest answer here is that it was base more on the choice of my buddies - since they did mention earlier this year at the Singapore Coin Fair that they plan to be at the HKINF in June, I guess I will tag along. 

This time I decided to stay only one night because hotel accommodation is rather expensive in this densely packed city. Hong Kong is a very interesting place, everything is so fast paced and there is never a dull moment. If memory serves, this will be my 6th time visiting HK in the past 2 decades. 

The show was held at The Mira, a hotel in the district of Tsim Sha Tsui. There are quite a lot of tables - 60 in total, with representatives from 18 countries including Belgium, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, U.S.A., Kazakhstan, Spain, Russia, Japan, Malaysia and even from as far as Norway !

Grading companies like PMG/NGC, PCGS are also present, visitors can submit their coins or banknotes to be graded. 

Fig 1. The Floor Plan

So here are the photos and highlights of the show. Enjoy! 

Fig 2. The Mira, the main entrance is at Kimberly Road.

Fig 2. Registration Counter - entrance fee is HKD20.

Fig 3. Hall B.
Fig 4 : Hall A
Fig 5. Hall A

Fig 6. Hall C
Fig 7. The Norwegian table.
Fig 8. Guys from Singapore, China, Germany & Malaysia
Fig 9. I seem to run into these guys wherever I go.  Look, I like you guys, but can you quit following me around? Please?
Fig 10. The phrase "I have piles" takes on a whole new different meaning.
Fig 11. Don & Stane from Germany/Slovenia

Fig 12. Dennis from the U.S.A.

Fig 13. Seychelles 5 Rupees, beautiful condition

Fig 14. Malay Sultanate coins

Fig 15. Algeria 100 Francs, Obverse, p156, 1959

Fig 16. Morocco 500 Francs, 1948, p156

Fig 17. Algeria 1000 Francs, p83a, 1926  nice price! 

Fig 18. Algeria, 1000 Francs, 1926.

Fig 19. China private bank issue

- end - 

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