Illegal to own the 1934 U.S. $100,000 Gold Certificate

Over the past year, we have received several calls about the United States $100,000 Gold Certificate (banknote) with the portrait of U.S. President Woodrow Wilson, asking us to estimate the value of the piece, hoping that it will be worth millions and they can sell it and solve all their financial problems.

Well, we've got bad news ...... if that piece is real, you can be ARRESTED for owning it!

According to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing under the U.S. Treasury, this was indeed printed in the 1930s and ONLY used for transactions between the Federal Reserve Banks and its branches, it is NOT meant for general circulation at all. The size of the note is 157 mm x 66 mm or 6 3/16 in x 2 5/8 inches. There were only 42,000 pieces of these printed and ALL of them have been accounted for, it remains the property of the Government of United States.

As such it is ILLEGAL to own any of such pieces.

If you see any of these, they are either STOLEN PROPERTY or REPLICAS/COUNTERFEITS. Both of which can get you into serious trouble.

Fig. 1 : US $100,000 Gold Certificate, 1934 Series, Obverse
Fig 2: US $100,000 Gold Certificate - Reverse
One of the piece is on display at the National Museum of American History, under the Smithsonian.

We DO NOT buy or sell any of these, therefore please stop calling us about this piece.

Thank you & Happy Collecting, just don't collect the illegal stuff like this one!

International Coin & Currency Events in Asia in H1 2016

Just a quick run down of the upcoming numismatic events in the Asian region in the first half of 2016. As usual we kick off the year's first one with the Singapore Coin Fair 2016.

If you know of any other regional numismatic events, please email us the details at

Happy Hunting!


1-3 April 2016
Singapore International Coin Fair (SICF)
Marina Bay Sands

8-10 April 2016
Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong International Coin Convention (HICC)
Holiday Inn Golden Mile
Website : - Coming Soon -

Poster Unavailable
1-3 May 2016
Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo International Coin Convention (TICC)
Royal Park Hotel

Poster Unavailable
20-22 May 2016
China International Coin Expo (CICE)
Beijing, China
Beijing GuoCuiYuan

24-26 June 2016
Hong Kong, China
Hong Kong International Numismatic Fair (HKINF)
The Mira Hong Kong