BNM Second Auction of Malaysian Banknotes with Special Serial Numbers 29 Mar 2015

Fig .1 Catalog cover of the second auction.
Almost exactly 6 months after its inaugural auction of banknotes with special serial numbers, the much anticipated auction was held today at the same venue, Sasana Kijang in Kuala Lumpur.

This time there was 178 lots up for grabs, compared to 231 for the first auction (53 lots or 23% difference). The buyer's premium is at 15%. The official schedule :

8:30 am    Registration Starts
10:30 am  Session 1 - RM1, RM10 and RM50
1:30 pm    Session 2 - RM5, RM20, RM100

The auction did start at 10:30am this time around, registration was comparatively smoother than last time, mainly because the crowd was not as big as the first time and also perhaps people know what to expect already.

Trigometric's Inaugural Auction

This is an interesting and important auction, mainly because it is the first to be organized by one of the largest numismatic dealers in Malaysia - Trigometric Sdn Bhd or Trigo as it is commonly known, is synonymous KN Boon, after all it is his company. Yes, it is the very same guy who published the book "Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore Banknotes and Coins" catalog, now in its 7th edition. This catalog is used by major TPGs like PMG and NGC, so that gives you the idea of the importance of this much anticipated event.