BNM Second Auction of Malaysian Banknotes with Special Serial Numbers 29 Mar 2015

Fig .1 Catalog cover of the second auction.
Almost exactly 6 months after its inaugural auction of banknotes with special serial numbers, the much anticipated auction was held today at the same venue, Sasana Kijang in Kuala Lumpur.

This time there was 178 lots up for grabs, compared to 231 for the first auction (53 lots or 23% difference). The buyer's premium is at 15%. The official schedule :

8:30 am    Registration Starts
10:30 am  Session 1 - RM1, RM10 and RM50
1:30 pm    Session 2 - RM5, RM20, RM100

The auction did start at 10:30am this time around, registration was comparatively smoother than last time, mainly because the crowd was not as big as the first time and also perhaps people know what to expect already.

Fig 2. Sasana Kijang, Kuala Lumpur

Upon arrival at the auditorium at 8:30am, the 4 registration counters were set up an ready to go. For the first time bidder, registration took about 3 to 4 minutes, for those who pre-registered, the process was faster. And the RM300 deposit is still required, either by cash or credit card. 

Fig 3 : Catalog and Bidding Card Number
Fig 4. Registration Counters as at 8:35am.

Fig 5 : Numismatist Mr. Dickson Niew and Chua Yaw Loong.

Fig 6. Fellow collectors Mr. Tay & Rui Loon
Fig. 7 : Fellow collectors Mr. Vincent & Chua
Fig. 8 : Sets of 1 Ringgit with special serial numbers and the lot numbers. 
Fig. 9 :  Sets of 20, 50 and 100 Ringgit with special serial numbers and the lot numbers. 
Fig, 10 :  Highlight of the day - Lot 178 RM100 AA8888888 with
the BNM Governors' Signature of a Certificate of Authenticity.

Fig. 11 : The large screen that will display the lots to be auctioned and current bid prices.
Fig 12 : Bidders, Representatives from the Press settling down at 10:20am, 10 minutes to start time. 
Fig. 13 : The full view of the auditorium during the auction. 

Fig. 14 - Bidding for Lot 160, special lot.

Generally the experience was better than the first time in terms of procedure and organization. There was less confusion and things were quite orderly.

BNM Auction 29 Mar 2015 - Auction Lots by Denominations
Fig. 15 : Auction Lots by Denominations

Prices listed below are hammer prices and you will have to add a 15% buyers premium to these for the final, realized prices.

For RM1 has most number of lots - 50. The highest was a lot of 9 solids of BN prefix, sold at RM9,000. Most of the 10 pieces low serial sets hover at about RM2,000. 

For RM5, AB8888888 was sold for RM8,500 !  AE9999999 was also quite high, RM7,900. The 5 Ringgit notes seems to be rather magical and does command higher prices compared with other denominations. 

For RM10, the highest one was AH8888888, that 1 piece went for RM6,600. AE88888888 went for RM4,000.  Low serial number sets of 10 went for RM3,900 to RM4,000. The 2 ladders come in at about RM1,300 to RM1,600. 

For RM20, the solid 8's for AF and AJ commanded RM8,000 and RM8,800 respectively.

For RM50, the highest was low serial "ES" set of 10, at RM4,000. Solid number FD8888888 was sold for RM3,900.

For RM100, AE8888888 and AE999999 went for RM10,100 and RM10,600 respectively. By far the most notable lot was #178 which went for RM76,000 which is a record for a BNM auction. The highest for the last auction was RM20,000 for the RM20 & RM100 solids.  

A detail analysis and comparison will be published soon, so stay tuned and  Happy Collecting! 

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