A Malaysia 11th Series 1 Ringgit Misaligned Cutting Error (MisCut), or is it?

A collector from up north sent me an interesting banknote to grade. It is an 11th series Malaysia 1 Ringgit note, signed by BNM Governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz. A first glance it does look like a very uncirculated piece with very good eye appeal.

alphaNumis - Obverse Malaysia 11th Series 1 Ringgit Misalignment Error note

This piece is anything BUT normal and I am NOT referring to the cutting error. Take a close look at the reverse right hand side, the cut looks very uneven. As a routine check, we will measure the dimensions on a banknote and see it complies with specifications. Take a look : 

From this it is very obvious that cut of this piece is not straight and this kind of thing simply does not happen at the factory. Now if you put the edge of this piece under a microscope with 200x magnification of the obverse top left corner, this is you what you will get : 

Sample A is the miccut banknote, Sample B is a regular 11th Series Malaysia 1 Ringgit. You can immediately see the cutting for the two pieces are very different. Sample A seemed to have been cut with a very crude or blunt instrument and it even leaves behind extra paper in the cut. 

And this is the view of the obverse left middle area, again it is very crudely cut. 

At this juncture, the facts speaks for itself. 

As far as we know, the uncut notes available to the public are those with "AA" prefix, according to KN Boon's reference book. Now if this piece has been cut from a large sheet with prefix XY, it is an "undocumented piece". 

We hope anyone out there who owns any uncut sheets to let us know what are the prefixes other than "AA" that has been released by BNM to the public.

Thanks & Happy Collecting. 

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  1. This note is now for auction on EBAY bearing same prefix but maybe not same number Prefix XY5481984... I am quite sure it is the same due to the same ammount of off centreness...